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The MJHS Home Care team is committed to providing all patients with expert care.

MJHS Home Care is a certified home health agency serving the needs of patients across New York City and Nassau counties. Whether our patients are in need of rehabilitation, skilled nursing, disease management, emotional support or enhanced services to help manage symptoms of an advanced or chronic illness, the MJHS Home Care team can be counted on every step of the way.

Newly enhanced pay rates for hospice and home care RNs

MJHS Home Care Career Opportunities

MJHS Home Care provides a range of clinical care support. Explore opportunities to join our team in the following areas:

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Our goal is to support the safe recovery of our patients so that they can go back to doing the things they love – as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated team of Home Care Nurses, Social Workers and other clinical professionals love having the opportunity to make a connection with their patients, and support those patients through their plan of care.

We're committed to creating a workforce as diverse as our community.

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