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MJHS Culture
Rooted in Jewish values and traditions and consistent with the highest standards of quality care, MJHS seeks to be the premier provider of health services in the Greater Metropolitan Area, ensuring access to health, supportive and community-based services across the continuum of need. Our employees share a commitment to build and solidify a structure of excellence at MJHS by focusing on eight core values: Commitment, Caring, Respect, Excellence, Honesty, Accountability, Sustainability, and Leadership.

MJHS has created an environment where our employees are given the tools and resources necessary to excel. Everyone is challenged to learn and grow and employees are provided with comprehensive educational resources, including individualized development programs, enriching continuing education, and generous tuition reimbursement. Employees are rewarded and recognized for their service and achievements, through programs focused on celebrating accomplishments.

At MJHS we are committed to ensuring that our workforce is just as diverse as the New York City area that we serve. We embrace differences among our team, and appreciate unique perspectives. Our collaborative team environment is inclusive, and dedicated to top quality patient care.
Join Our Talent Community
Walk-In Interviews, Open Houses, and More